I am currently a fifth-year PhD candidate in personality, development and health psychology and MS student in statistics at Northwestern University with Dr. William Revelle. Much of my work is based off our lab’s free web-based personality survey, the SAPA Project. This assessment provides participants individualized feedback regarding their personality as it pertains to temperament and cognitive ability. My research has primarily focused on the role of individual differences (personality traits, cognitive ability, and interests) and how they predict and contribute to cognitive, emotional, health, and life outcomes. Beyond this work, I am also trained and interested in psychometrics and statistics.

Before joining the Psychology department at Northwestern University, I was a program assistant in the department of Medical Social Sciences. In this role I primarily worked on with a team of researchers to help support the NIH Toolbox and projects such as the Environmental influences on Child Health Outcomes: Patient Reported Outcomes Research Resource and the National Person-Centered Assessment Resource.

Prior to that, I completed a Bachelor of Art in psychology and a Bachelor of Art in art, media, and design at DePaul University. During this time I worked in the Stress and Coping Lab with Dr. Kathryn Grant and the Social Development Lab with Dr. Yan Li in collaboration with Dr. Linda Camras and Dr. Michelle Wright.